Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Are Easter People

This week I came across this saying several times in my quiet time and I began to think about the significance of this statement and was somewhat convicted. I confess that I am a huge fan of Christmas, probably more than any other holiday, but when I saw the words, "We are Easter people" it made me realize how significant Easter is and how much more important this holiday is over Christmas. Sure, Christmas is important because it marks the birth of our Savior, but Easter marks the death, burial and resurrection that give us salvation. What an amazing gift He gave us!

So this year, I am celebrating the fact that we who are saved, truly are Easter people. We who were once dead in our sins have been made alive again! And all creation is reminding us of this precious fact as Spring brings new birth all throughout the land. And if nature can testify of this new life, then so can I!

I am alive in Christ, all things are passed away and behold all things are made new! We are Easter people! :)