Monday, September 26, 2011

One Month Old...My How Time Flies!

Well, Ryder is officially one month old now! Somehow, mommy, daddy, Ryder and Boston all survived! There were definitely a few days there when I wasn't quite sure if we would, but thanks to a lot of prayer and a lot of support, encouragement, and help from Nana, Mawmaw, and friends from church, we made it to the one month mark! Ryder is now feeling much better thanks to our doctor sending out a prescription for his silent reflux. Poor Ryder had some rough days there for a while until we figured out what was wrong, but now he is able to sleep and get his tummy full when he eats! Mommy and Daddy are so glad to have a happy baby again!

We've all been learning quite a bit too! Daddy learned how to change diapers, although he must wear gloves each time and still worries that he might get sprayed at anytime! Mommy has learned how to eat, type, and do many other things with one hand! Boston has learned to share his attention with Ryder, although he does try to climb up on the couch beside us when Ryder's eating, and he is learning to allow people to come visit Ryder, except for the mail lady whom he seems to harbor a deep-seated hatred for, not sure why... We've also learned how to swaddle, distinguish Ryder's cries, plan around a baby schedule, and thrive on much less sleep than we had before Ryder arrived. :)

Some things that Ryder has accomplished at this point are learning to take naps without someone holding him, although mommy still tends to hold him for as long as she can. He also tends to fight his sleep at times, but he's learning to take a paci and he even knows to put his hand over it to hold it in. He can hold his head up for a minute or more at a time. He's beginning to coo and talk to his mobile. And he recognizes mommy and daddy's voices. He is becoming more OK with being swaddled, but he still manages to break free of it some nights! He's not a fan of the swing yet or laying on his back for very long or having to take a break from eating to burp or getting a bath, but he sure loves being talked to, sang to, and cuddling with mommy and daddy! Oh and did I mention eating?! :)
our little escape artist

Some of his other favorite things are sleeping in his Rock and Play sleeper.

Watching the lights and toys on his mobile or play mat.

It's exhausting work to be a newborn!
Sucking on his fingers.

And best of all staring at the lights while sitting in mommy or daddy's arms! Notice that I didn't say laying in our arms because Ryder likes to sit up and look out and around or lay up on our chests. We think this has a little bit to do with the reflux, but I can't wait until he can sit in his bumpo seat and look around!!

We ended the first month with a visit from Tyler's dad and brother. Ryder was happy to meet his grandpa and uncle!

Grandpa Ron

Uncle Garrett - these guys are gonna be good buddies!

All in all, I'd say we've had a very successful first month of life! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time Flies When You're in Love!

Well our lives have been totally turned upside down with the arrival of Mr. Ryder, but we're all adjusting and I wouldn't trade all the changes for my life before Ryder for anything! It seems crazy that Ryder has been with us for almost a month! It seems like the time has flown by, but there have definitely been the rough days too for mommy and for Ryder. It took us a few days to figure out that our sweet little boy wasn't just crying to cry, but that he wasn't feeling well. It turns out that he has silent acid reflux and was pretty miserable until we got him the medicine he needed. Since the medicine took effect, Ryder has slept bettter and seems to feel better. We're so thankful to see the changes and hope it keeps up! Life has definitely changed for us like our bedtime routine, how often I get time to do anything besides feed and hold baby, and the amount of effort and coordinstion it takes to leave home. Who knew our world would revolve around such a sweet little guy or that the same sweet little guy could be so demanding?!? We still think our little boy is the cutest baby ever and we love showing him off! He just seems to get cuter each day!

Proud Daddy!

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our New Addition

We are so thrilled to announce our beautiful new addition to our family, Ryder Dean Harden!! He was born August 25, 2011 after about 15 hours of labor.

Ryder decided to turn himself face up before being born, so mommy had to push for over 2 hours to bring him into the world, and after the hardest workout of my life, I got to meet the most adorable little man and fell in love instantly!

He further surprised us all by his size, weighing in at 8 lbs. 15.7 oz. and measuring 20 inches. We're still not quite sure how he fit inside me, but we're so glad he's so healthy and happy!

Right before we left for the hospital! My last belly picture...
I would have never guessed he weighed that much!!

We had an amazing nurse and doctor, who both coached me along in pushing, and of course daddy was there the entire time to hold my hand, bring me ice chips, and cheer me on! I couldn't have done it without him! Daddy is very much in love with Ryder too!

Ryder has had lots of visitors, who were anxious to meet him and love on him!
Great-grandma (Mawmaw)

Aunt Caitlyn



Grandma Hardin

Aunt Layne
Boston has also fallen in love with his ittle brother and is eager to protect him. He likes to lick Ryder's feet when Ryder's upset, and he comes to alert us when Ryder makes the smallest of sounds.

In general, we're all doing well and are so happy to be a family of four now! We of course think our baby is the cutest baby ever, but you can judge for yourself! :)

1 week old and cute as ever!!

And baby makes three!