Monday, July 30, 2012

10 & 11 Month Updates

So between power outages and beach trips and an overall busy summer, I've gotten a little behind on my blog updates, so I'm combining two months to get all caught up!

10 months old

11 months old
We celebrated Tyler's first Father's Day and Caitlyn's 15th birthday, Ryder got a new playroom, and we found bunnies in our front yard!

In the past two months Ryder has gone swimming quite a bit from our trip to Florida to Myrtle Beach, SC to the Hotel Roanoke and even Nana's pool and the baby pool in our own backyard! He is such a little fish and absolutely loves playing in the water, which makes this mommy so happy because I love being in the water too!

We've also spent quite a bit of time away from home the past two months. We went to Florida as a family, but then we spent five days without power after a terrible storm known as Derecho. We got to stay in the Hotel Roanoke,and then with Mawmaw once she got power back. We also spent a week in Myrtle Beach, SC with my family, which was somewhat unplanned but ended up being tons of fun! When we got home, we got to watch Daddy participate in the Commonwealth Games.

Ryder's major accomplishment is that he took his first steps! So far he's only taken as many as 4 in a row, but once he gets enough confidence to go all on his own, he's going to be cruising all over the place! But for now he's happy to climb on just about anything!

Ryder also learned to hold his own bottle, clap his hands, and click his tongue! He is so full of personality and loves to laugh! He's quite the little entertainer and keeps us laughing constantly! Life with this little man is so much fun, and we're so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful little boy!


Sun, Surf, & Sand (Round 2)

So Ryder and I decided to take an unexpected week long trip to Myrtle Beach with my family two weeks ago. I had originally hoped to go down mid-week with Tyler, but his work schedule wouldn't allow for him to leave since they were launching a major project during that time. So after lots of debating, we decided that Ryder and I would go down for the entire week so that I wouldn't have to travel with Ryder on my own. We had a great week with my parents, sister, and her friend, Maria. Ryder loved the water just like in Florida, but this time he also took to the sand and crawled all over the place along the shore attempting to steal anyone's ball that was nearby.

We went on lots of adventures while we were at the beach including the park, a visit to Margaritaville, and lots of other fun sights and sounds! :) And we had a great time with our family and friend!

Dinner at Margaritaville

Ryder was such a great sport with all of our adventures, but he was definitely worn out!

It was a fun trip!