Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Month Number 3!

Well this month has been quite busy, as you can probably tell from my lack of posts this month. I apologize for being so behind on updating things here, but I will try to fill you all in on everything we have been up to this month right now!

We started the month with a trip to Myrtle Beach, and by "we" I mean Ryder, me, my mom, and sister along with several of my sister's friends from school and their lovely moms. Ryder was the center of attention from the start of the trip and he loved being the only boy on an all girls' trip!

He also loved the sound of the ocean and slept for a great deal of the trip in the arms of whoever was willing to hold him, which was pretty much everyone! :) But we definitely missed daddy!

When we returned home from the beach, we got a visit from Tyler's grandparents and Ryder's great-grandparents as they made their way to Florida for the winter.  I'm so glad they were able to stop in and that Ryder was in such a good mood to meet them!

The day after their visit, we celebrated Halloween with our little cowboy, Ryder! We went trick or treating at Nana and Grandpa's house, and grandpa was thrilled to spend some time with Ryder-man since mom and Caitlyn had already spent four straight days with us!

Ryder has become quite the little talker this month. He coos and smiles almost comstantly while awake, and squeals with delight when anyone talks to him. He lights up every day when daddy gets home from work, and that little smile just melts your heart!! He is quite taken with his Aunt Caitlyn and keeps his eye on her whenever she's in the room!

Daddy dressed me :)

The biggest accomplishments for us this month are that Ryder is now on a schedule and sleeps without being held during naptimes, and even more fun, Ryder is learning to roll over! It took us about 3 weeks to get Ryder on a sleep schedule, but it was very necessary and has made for a much happier baby and mommy!!
Ryder's two favorite things now are his blankie and paci, and we don't go anywhere without them!

Ryder now rolls onto his side with ease and then with a little more coaching and coaxing can move to his stomach! It takes time, but it won't be long before we won't be able to let Ryder lie on our bed or the ottoman anymore without someone being right there beside him!

We ended the month with one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for our special little blessing! He has changed our lives forever, but in such a wonderful and happy way!!

Up next month, Christmas, parades, presents, and lots of pretty lights!! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Naps for Ryder

So it appears that I am significantly behind on updating my blog, but I blame this on a certain two and a half month old thay I have nicknamed "No Nap" Ryder-man. Ryder has been going through a new phase the past three weeks of not napping more than 45 minutes at a time during the day for three nap periods. He is still a good sleeper at night, although the past three mornings he's started rousing between 4:30 and 6am. Thankfully, he sleeps until 7, but after that all bets are off on getting him to sleep more. Ryder talks, plays, and smiles for hours on end. When he gets sleepy I feed him and put him down for what I hope will be a solid hour or longer nap, but in the end it usually only ends up lasting about 45 minutes. While I am extremely happy for a happy baby who sleeps through the night, his lack of sleeping during the day is tiring and trying since I can't seem to get much done around my house. It's also complicated with the onset of the holidays and my need to do some Christmas shopping, but with a baby who hates being in his car seat, shopping is not really possible. As for now, the only guaranteed way to get Ryder to sleep is to let him lie on my lap, so that's exactly where he is right now, and hopefully where he'll remain for another hour or so. It's not ideal, but if it helps him to get the rest he needs, then it's what we'll do.