Monday, February 27, 2012

Ryder's Half Birthday

I know I say it in every monthly update, but I just can't get over how fast time seems to be flying by! I can't believe Ryder has been part of our family for half a year now. While it's hard to imagine life without him, it's amazing to me how quickly our world has changed! A friend told me that while life would never get back to the normal before having a baby, there would be a new normal that we would settle into that was so much better, and I have to say she was right! I love that there are fingerprints on every mirror in the house, that Tyler and I find ourselves making sound effects while doing everyday tasks to make Ryder laugh, even when he's not around, and that my living room is filled with Ryder's toys. But most of all I love seeing my sweet boy's smile first thing in the morning and the sound of his adorable laugh! Life as I knew it may never be the same again, but life with Ryder has been the best change of my life!

So on to some updates on Ryder this month...

Ryder has had some very exciting firsts this month! We went on our first family road trip to Asheville, NC. We're sad to say that Tyler's grandfather passed away suddenly at the end of January, but we are so thankful that Ryder got to meet him shortly before Christmas and that we have some great pictures of the two of them together! Ryder was a great little traveler and handled the interruptions to his schedule like a champ! We are just so thankful we were able to be there with Tyler's family during this time of loss.

Ryder watched his first Super Bowl with daddy, but unfortunately, this little Patriots fan did not see his team get a victory this year.

Ryder also sent his first Valentine to his friend, Waverly, in TN. We're hoping that one day these two will get to meet in person, but for now they get to be little pen pals!

We also had our first snow since Ryder was born and our only snow this winter! It may have only lasted a day and a half, but there were about 5.5" and it was fun to let Ryder discover the cold, wet stuff, although he wasn't too excited about it and only lasted about ten minutes outside. But we finally got to use one of his three snowsuits from friends and family (I guess they were hoping we'd get lots of snow!). But it was so nice to see some snow, if only for a brief time!

Ryder also has learned to sit up all by himself! He now loves sitting on the blanket and playing with his toys! It's fun to watch him explore and figure out how to get a hold of the toys he wants.

Ryder also started eating solids! We started with rice cereal and have now tried sweet potatoes and carrots. So far Ryder is a huge fan of solids and gets so excited when he sees us pull out his high chair and the bowl and spoon to feed him. He's definitely a good little eater!

Clearly, we're still working on table manners... :)

He's also quite the little entertainer and a very happy baby! He wakes up cooing and playing, and it's unusual for him to get fussy unless he's extremely sleepy. He blows raspberries and laughs when he's happy, and growls and arches his back when he's excited about something, especially when he sees Boston and tries to pet him! Boston is warming up to Ryder too!

All in all, life with Ryder is filled with laughter and smiles! We couldn't love this little boy more!