Monday, May 30, 2011

What the Future Holds for this Household

So I'm really behind on posting now, and so much has happened in our household. So here's the big news you need to catch up on life for Tyler and I in the past 6 months. Ready?

We're having a baby!!

I'm due August 30th and it seems like time is just zooming by as we wait for our baby boy to make his appearance. As I write this, Tyler is upstairs working on the nursery, and I am tracking the shipping of the baby furniture on Amazon while checking up on our baby registries. We are so thrilled and excited about what the future holds for our family, and while we know we're in for some huge changes, we couldn't be more amazed at God's blessing on our life!

Speaking of changes, aside from bringing home baby, another big change will be my job title. I am going to be making the transition to a stay-at-home-mom in the next few months, and I couldn't be more excited! In the past few months, I've been asked by many people what I planned to do after the baby was born and was amazed at the overwhelmingly positive responses from so many people to our decision for me to stay home, even my boss was happy with our decision despite losing me as a teacher on his staff. But there have been a few exceptions to the positive responses, and for those people I have responded with the following story:

When Tyler and I were dating, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the future and both of us felt very strongly that our children needed to be raised by us, not someone else. Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with working moms, and I have several friends that do that very thing, but for me, I know that this is the right thing and that is why Tyler and I have made the choices we have over the past 4 years concerning finances, etc. to make our dream possible. So the next question is always, what about my career? Well, to that I say, I've only wanted to do two things in life; be a teacher and be a wife/mother. I've had the opportunity to be a teacher for the past four years, and I feel like I have accomplished a lot, learned a lot, matured a lot, and met a lot of wonderful people, and I would never trade these last four years for anything. But I'm ready to go after a new dream, and while I have the opporunity to experience being a mommy, I want to. I can always go back to work later if I want to, but I'm never going to get back the experience of being a mom and seeing my baby grow and develop and experience so many firsts, so I'm going to take the chance while I have the opportunity! I know it will be a huge change and require a lot of learning and patience and even sacrifice, but we have made this choice, and we realize what comes with it, and we're happy to do it.

So all in all, we couldn't be happier and more excited about what the future holds. Sure, we're a little bit apprehensive and nervous, but overall, we realize how blessed we are to be having this baby and for me to be able to stay home, and we don't want to take any of those blessings for granted! Even Boston is excited about the baby coming!